Add Value To Your Homes with Acceso Home Lifts

September 07, 2021

The Stiltz Home Lifts is a unique and innovative domestic elevator that is versatile, attractive and affordable. It can be fitted almost anywhere in the home. Compact, elegant and economical; it can carry 2 to 3 people in style and comfort.

These intelligent home elevators do not require supporting walls or hydraulics. It is powered by a self contained roped drum braked gear motor drive system which never needs to be replaced and is situated, out of sight and on top of the lift. It simply plugs straight into a 220V power outlet.

The Stiltz lifts have been designed for all eventualities, including power outages. It is guaranteed safe, and is much safer than the chair lift. The safety features provides ease and comfortable usage at all times.

This is definitely the best option for existing structures with minimal space. Get yours for a home and office made better.