Distributor of automated access, perimeter security, home lifts and stairlifts.
Accesso believes that the ability to move around freely shouldn’t be something that is taken for granted.


Acceso is a young and vibrant enterprise formed in 2012 to distribute quality innovative access solutions for the growing residential and commercial market in the Philippines.

Our product offering focuses on best-in-class automated access, perimeter security solutions and home elevators for high-end residential homes and commercial establishments. These are carefully considered and hand-picked to meet the discerning taste of home owners and architects as well as the rigorous demands of commercial/industrial users.


AHSI’s management and technical teams have more than 10 years experience in project management, installation, and maintenance of electro-mechanical systems in the areas of mobility access, automation, and security.


Acceso distributes and installs premium & industrial-grade access automation equipment from KEY Automation (Italy).


These are electromechanical systems which include:

  • Automatic openers for
    • Swing gates
    • Sliding gates
    • Garage doors
    • Sliding glass doors
  • Automated vehicle barriers for parking areas, driveways, and villages

Our garage doors are imported from Doorworks of Australia and are coupled with motors from KEY Automation to ensure years of trouble-free operation.

We also integrate RFID-based access control systems for doors and barriers to provide security, ease of use, and to minimize operational costs over the long run.

Acceso likewise installs security electric fences solutions from Nemtek (South Africa) for perimeters of homes, commercial establishments, and industrial facilities. These perimeter fences are customized and installed to meet customers’ particular security requirements providing an active barrier to even the most determined intruder.

In 2017, Acceso partnered with Stiltz (UK) to offer home lifts / elevators to its select client base. The Stiltz home lift carries 2-3 persons for 2 or 3 floors and is a versatile, practical, and cost-effective solution for mobility at homes.

Acceso continues to develop its home lift distribution in early-2018 by collaborating with AreaLift and Access BDD. This resulted in the expansion of the home lift offering to include platform lifts with travel of up to 6 stops, carrying up to 6 persons.